Political Manchester; the radical outlook

From the library at Chethams, visit a collection of sites forming Manchester’s political and radical heart. See the home of radical journalism, the centre from where the old world was tipped off its axis, the city that sent the world plunging into industrialisation, the free city that helped devise communism, a home for Cooperation, suffragettes, chartists, socialists and trade unionists. A city that defied the cotton famines, helped invent capitalism, controlled world trade, preached freedom and practised the opposite. Visit where these events took place, where injustice and hypocrisy found their counterparts in the courage of small people and end on the site of Peterloo. Have your opinions turned inside out on the very spots history was made.

Socialism, Anarchy, Fascism, Women's Suffrage, Communism, the making of Democracy, Utopias and Political deceit, they are all on the streets of this city.  

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